NASA Astronaut Recounts When Apollo 13 Mission Turned From Exploration to Survival

Apollo Lunar Television Camera as it was mounted on the side of the Apollo 11 Lunar Module when it telecasted Armstrong’s ‘One small step

NASA Astronaut Recounts When Apollo 13 Mission Turned From Exploration to Survival

"Through House Joint Resolution 60, Congress requested a one-time series of arrangements for displays on the National Mall and the Washington Monument to showcase this incredible achievement in our nation's history, and we're pleased to partner with the National Air and Space Museum so all can relive the moment".

Having served at the agency since 1977, Gerstenmaier had been in charge of some of NASA's most high-profile programs and is known as a steady and methodical force inside the halls of NASA's headquarters. At the time, they were an engineer, a flight director and an astronaut.

Gertenmaier was reassigned as a special assistant to Bridenstine's deputy, Jim Morhard.

The biggest change to rock the agency is the demotion of Bill Gerstenmaier, who was leading the efforts to return humans to the lunar surface.

In his memo, Bridenstine said the leadership reshuffle was in line with the ambitious Artemis programme - an effort to send a man and the first-ever woman to the moon within the next five years, and named Kenneth Bowersox, a former NASA astronaut, as the new acting associate administrator.

"In an effort to meet this challenge, I have decided to make leadership changes to the Human Exploration and Operations (HEO) Mission Directorate". But Vice President Mike Pence, who announced the accelerated 2024 target in March, has criticized NASA for "bureaucratic inertia" and asked for a new mindset. "It is the stated policy of this administration and the United States of America to return American astronauts to the moon within the next five years".

"What we need now is urgency", Pence said during a speech to a crowd at the US Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

The Washington Post earlier reported that many NASA employees were seemingly sceptical that the new Moon mission deadline is achievable without slashing other missions.

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