Pokemon Go Not Working On Android Q Beta: What’s Happening?

Pokemon Go news Team Rocket Armored Mewtwo and more coming to Android iOS this month

Pokemon Go news Team Rocket Armored Mewtwo and more coming to Android iOS this month

This means the game has passed Candy Crush Saga and Clash Royale's $1.86 billion and $2.3 billion respectively in their first three years, although this doesn't count Chinese figures, as Pokémon Go hasn't launched there yet.

How much have you spent on Pokemon so far? Pokemon Go uses SafetyNet Attestation API to verify users are not using modified firmware with their app.

It is not just Pokemon Go that is facing the issue with the beta version. However, the developer also said at the time that it can't guarantee full functionality on Android Q. What's disappointing is that even after four months, Niantic has still not addressed the issue.

The basic reason for delaying the fix for this issue could be the wait for the final Android Q Beta build with Final APIs.

To want to pay attention to the dataminer and the clues collected by United States and German Fest users, the arrival of Team Rocket will coincide with the beginning of a new in-game event based on the invasion mechanics, through which it will be possible to observe the entrance in Foremen's Pokéstops like Blanche, Candela, and Spark, each in possession of Fire, Water, Grass-type Pokemon and so on.

Hopefully Niantic will fix the issue soon to ensure that its user base remains intact.

Also from the Google developers side, the upcoming Beta or stable may pass CTS certification requirement which is required by Pokemon Go as pointed by several users.

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