The StarCraft 2 ladder might match you against anonymous DeepMind AI players

The StarCraft 2 ladder might match you against anonymous DeepMind AI players

The StarCraft 2 ladder might match you against anonymous DeepMind AI players

The AI will partake in a "small number of games" on, which hosts StarCraft II, but only for a limited time.

A win or a loss against AlphaStar will affect players' MMR like any other game played on the competition ladder. "As part of ongoing scientific research into artificial intelligence, players can now opt-in for the chance to be matched against experimental versions of DeepMind's StarCraft II agent, AlphaStar", the official Starcraft Twitter account said on Wednesday. The AI will play anonymously though, so you won't tell if you face it, "to help ensure that all games are played under the same conditions". DeepMind explained in a Q&A session released today by Blizzard that they are disguising AlphaStar in the hope that this will allow its games to proceed as a normal 1v1 ladder match would. However, players won't know if they are playing against AlphaStar or a human opponent. For those who think they can fare better than the two defeated Team Liquid players against AlphaStar, they now have an opportunity to prove it. Blizzard is offering players a chance to play against DeepMind's AI in blind matches to prove their mettle.

If you thought some of the serious StarCraft II players were hard then you ain't seen nothing yet as Alphabet Inc.

A cutting-edge AI from DeepMind will be playing the game anonymously in public matches. If you ever change your mind, you can select the "DeepMind opt-in" button on the 1v1 menu.

Experimental versions of AlphaStar will be pitted against players via the regular matchmaking rules, however, DeepMind has not revealed the frequency at which players will get to play against the AI.

The company has an FAQ with more information about the matches and how to join them. It would understand the map utilizing a "camera-like view" and won't have entry to something taking place outside the seen map space. To balance the contests, AlphaStar's game perception will be restricted to a camera-like view.

However, in a bid to create a more even playing field, AlphaStar is going to have tighter restrictions on actions per minute.

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