Venezuela Crisis: ‘I Am Very Optimistic’, Says Maduro After Talks With Opposition

PoliticsOpposition      The Uneven Trajectory of Guaidó’s Diplomacy
       By Luisa Kislinger

PoliticsOpposition The Uneven Trajectory of Guaidó’s Diplomacy By Luisa Kislinger

He stressed that the Barbados talks would focus on six main points, comprising of a comprehensive "integral strategy and agenda", including all of the country's major issues.

The Opposition led by Juan Guaido wants a transitional government to replace the Administration of President Nicolas Maduro, and then free elections monitored by worldwide observers.

Political unrest has been ongoing between supporters of President Nicolas Maduro and opposition leader Juan Guaido since January 10.

Mr Maduro has reached out to the opposition during the crisis as he insists his government seeks peace in the country.

Mr. Guaido is backed by the United States and several other western countries, while Russia, China, and Cuba are among countries backing Mr.

On Sunday, opposition leader Juan Guaido's office announced they would take part in fresh talks with the delegation of Maduro's government in Barbados, following a two-round talks in Oslo last May which brought no results.

Last Tuesday, Guaido had said there were no plans to re-open talks with the "murderous dictatorship" of Maduro, following the death of an officer in custody over an alleged coup plot.

"A violent solution. could generate loss of governance even for a new government", he told AFP. The talks come amid a profound economic and humanitarian crisis in the country, where hardship has made life untenable for many Venezuelans with basic needs, such as food and medicine, hard to come by.

Barbados is set to be the stage as Venezuela's warring political factions hold historic talks here brokered by Norway, with Prime Minister Mottley hanging on to hope for a peaceful resolution to the South American nation's political and humanitarian crisis. But Maduro is still in power in Caracas, the military has stayed loyal to him and the rest of the world still recognizes him as the Venezuelan President despite what Guaido and the US say.

Iglesias later met Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez.

"The two parties will meet this week in Barbados to move forward in the search for a negotiated and constitutional solution", the statement said.

Guaido has called Maduro a "usurper" for staying in power after a 2018 election widely dismissed as a sham.

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