Woman Tries to Snatch Random Couple's Kids at Atlanta Airport

Security camera stills of the woman attempting to abduct a baby and three police officers pinning her to the ground

Woman Tries to Snatch Random Couple's Kids at Atlanta Airport

A parent's worst nightmare almost came true on Monday morning, when a woman allegedly attempted to kidnap two young children who were traveling to Disney World with their family through Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, one of the world's busiest air hubs.

The twelve-minute video shows the accused identified as Esther Daniels of Kansas attempting to seize the stroller of the parents youngest child a baby girl.

As the father fought Daniels, a traffic control officer saw what was happening from across the airport atrium and ran over to help.

The woman can be seen on camera allegedly attempting to abduct two of the children (left) before police officers stopped her (right). The two appear to tussle over the stroller and the mother's husband, who is also shown pushing a stroller with a child, can be seen rushing over to help.

"Her behavior was very erratic, but we can't really speak on what her mental state was, but we can agree that what she did was very erratic and odd, to say the least", Atlanta police spokeswoman Tashena Brown told WSB-TV. Moments later, three officers pinned the 26-year-old woman to the ground and apprehended her. After releasing the stroller, police say Daniels grabbed the couple's eldest child and began to walk away with him.

"I asked Ms. Daniels what was wrong and she tried to pass her cell phone over to me to talk to someone".

Surveillance cameras captured the unusual incident and the rapid response of one Atlanta police traffic control officer, who rushed to help the couple and stop the woman. When the mom fought her off, she turned her attention to another child, grabbing him and trying to run away. Daniels allegedly resisted officers and "remained combative" during the arrest, police said.

It is unclear whether Daniels has an attorney.

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