8 reasons why new ‘Huawei OS’ can mean 'trouble’ for Google

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Latest Huawei decision to roll out its new Operating System, Harmony, came amid a tempestuous trade relationship with United States, which blacklisted Huawei on May this year after a premature conclusion of a China-US trade talk and an unprecedented escalation of trade spat. From 2012, they are running with Google's Android OS.

He said he thinks today's operating systems - including Android and Apple's iOS - don't cater for the huge number of different devices that will be connected to the internet. CNBC reports that in a press conference following the launch, Yu said that the situation was "unclear" as to whether Huawei can still use Android, and that the company is "waiting on an update" to find out. It noted that traditionally new operating systems have been released alongside new types of devices. Huawei says the a modularized HarmonyOS be nested to adapt flexibly to any device to create a "seamless cross-device experience".

It will also reduces the response latency of apps by 25.7 per cent, claims Huawei. Switching to Harmony would only happen if Huawei was forbidden to use Android, according to Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei's Business Group. The screens will be able to provide viewers with information about the weather and can track packages, and can be controlled with a smartphone. The platform as well as the technology will be accessible to other smart home providers in the industry, allowing users to connect their preferred smart home products together. The Honor Vision comes in standard and Pro versions, and while they are called Smart Screens by the company, they are essentially Smart TVs.

"We welcome the entry of Huawei".

Actually, HarmonyOS is an open-source operating system.

"The hardest part will be linkages to peripherals like cameras, fingerprint readers, microphones, AR sensors, which are all API-based to Android APIs, not Harmony", Moorhead tweeted. Uncertainty about whether Huawei devices would continue to support Google services caused the company's sales outside China to plummet after Washington's crackdown. But this is a global company with global ambitions. Equipped with three Huawei self-developed intelligent chipsets-the Honghu 818 Intelligent Display Chipset, an AI Camera NPU chipset and a flagship-level Wi-Fi chipset, HONOR Vision is also the world's first smart screen device to carry Huawei's self-developed HarmonyOS. For all smart devices such as smartphones, tablets and phones will having HarmonyOS soon.

Google is slowly beginning to open up about its next-generation operating system which will take Huawei HarmonyOS head on.

The interesting times are just round the corner.

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