After shooting, Democrat O'Rourke accuses Trump of stoking racism

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders I-Vt. speaks during an American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees Public Service Forum in Las Vegas Saturday Aug. 3 2019

After shooting, Democrat O'Rourke accuses Trump of stoking racism

Amid rising grief and a clamor for action after the shootings in Texas and OH, and earlier in several other cities, politicians of both parties called for the federal government to take that threat more seriously, with some Democrats accusing President Donald Trump of dangerously fanning racial tensions. Amy Klobuchar on Monday said she was skeptical about President Trump's suggestion to tie new gun controls to immigration reform after the weekend shootings in Texas and OH, saying Mr. Trump has talked big on the issue in the past before quickly walking things back. But what he has got to understand is that when you have language that is racist, that is virulently anti-immigrant, there are mentally unstable people in this country who see that as a sign to do awful, bad things.

Buttigieg suggested that white nationalists "feel validated from all the way at the top", and that white nationalism is "condoned at the highest level of our government".

"What you have here is two things coming together", Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, said on "Fox News Sunday". "He's given license for this toxic brew of white supremacy to fester more and more in this country, and we're seeing the results of that", Castro, the former Democratic mayor of San Antonio, said on ABC.

Another Democratic candidate, Beto O Rourke, whose former congressional district includes El Paso, went further.

"He is a racist and he stokes racism in this country". Elizabeth Warren said she was "disgusted by the GOP leadership in Washington". The shooter was arrested, and authorities are investigating whether an anti-immigrant manifesto that was posted online before the shooting was written by the shooter.

The statement called the Walmart attack "a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas".

"White supremacy is calling for the *domination* of one race w/ the use of violence", Tlaib wrote.

Despite several high-profile mass shootings in recent years, gun control has proven to be an intractable debate within the U.S. Congress.

Republicans and some moderate Democrats have resisted placing additional restrictions on gun ownership, and efforts to improve mental health services or establish new ways to identify potential shooters before they act have not gained traction.

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