Bear breaks into house, leaves like the ‘Kool-Aid Man’

Bear breaks into Colorado home

A bear broke into a home in Colorado and left by breaking through a wall

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"The bear seemed to have been attracted to the scent of refuse", police said Saturday.

A black bear broke into a house in the United States before escaping by smashing through a wall "like the Kool-Aid Man".

A bear broke into a Colorado home Friday and escaped a responding police officer by crashing through a wall "like the 'Kool-Aid Man, '" investigators said.

Photos police posted to Facebook show a large hole next to the home's door, which the bear created to make its getaway.

"For your safety, and the lives of these bears, PLEASE close and lock ALL windows and doors to your house and vehicles", Colorado Parks and Wildlife said in the post.

Some vehicles contained no "attractants", which showed that certain bears have become so used to finding food in vehicles that they were going from auto to car even if they neither saw nor smelled food, officials said. "Bears are extremely smart, which means we all have to be too".

Officials are urging residents to keep their vehicles and residences locked to prevent bears from entering in search of food.

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