Borderlands 3 Has Officially Entered the Gold Phase!

Borderlands 3 Has Officially Entered the Gold Phase!

Borderlands 3 Has Officially Entered the Gold Phase!

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this happen!

While Gearbox isn't throwing any game-changing new systems into the mix for Borderlands 3, it looks like a sequel which improves on everything of the previous games. The announcement on the Borderlands website does go into a little more detail, though.

Next week, fans will get to see character trailers for Amara the Siren and FL4k the Beastmaster. That means that while one player may be at level 1 and see enemies suited to a bigger player, their level 20 online co-op parner will see enemies scaled at level 20. In the run-up to release, we are getting some nice character trailers to fill us in on the stories of the people we will be playing as.

Meet Zane, a semi-retired corporate hitman with decades of espionage under his belt and plenty of gadgets up his sleeve.

Moze has her own take on the Action Skills since she has two different options in each of her three skill trees. Iron Bear is not alive, however: It's her mech, and I'm really not sure that personifying it to the point where she's offering it food reflects an entirely healthy mindset. What character will you be picking?

In case you weren't aware or have been hiding under a rock somewhere, Borderlands 3 is being released soon, 13th September to be precise. You can pre-order both digital and physical copies on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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