Brexit: Parliament can't stop no deal, says minister

Brexit: Parliament can't stop no deal, says minister

Brexit: Parliament can't stop no deal, says minister

While a UK-US trade deal is likely to face multiple impasses before any agreement, the senators commitment to seek a deal with the UK in the event of a no deal does undermine Irish leverage ahead of the 31 October deadline.

"Mr Cummings is said to be planning a Facebook campaign for a "'people versus the politicians' election", with a Conservative Party source telling the Financial Times: "We have a single-digit majority and we have to be realistic about the chances that a General Election is going to happen.

Mr Corbyn said the party would do this "when we can win it", but added it would be at an "appropriate very early time".

"The Prime Minister seems to be trying to slip no-deal through, slip past Parliament and slip past the British people", he said.

"I'm really not comfortable about my party pushing for no-deal Brexit without proper consent of the public".

Prime Minister Boris Johnson told Sky News his 1.8 billion pound cash boost for the National Health Service represents "new money", during a visit to Lincolnshire on Monday.

Mr Johnson said the "last thing" he wanted to do was call a general election.

In a no-deal scenario, the United Kingdom would immediately leave the EU with no agreement about the "divorce" process, overnight exiting the single market and customs union - arrangements created to help facilitate trade.

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the opposition Labour Party, said he will call for a vote of no confidence in the Government when Parliament returns from summer recess in a bid to block a no-deal Brexit.

Lawmakers will be unable to stop a no-deal Brexit on October 31 by bringing down Britain's government in a vote of no-confidence next month, Prime Minister Boris Johnson's top aide has advised, according to The Sunday Telegraph.

Diplomats from the other 27 European Union member states were told on Monday that a no-deal scenario could only be avoided by making substantial changes to the plan on the table - which they could not accept.

However, he said, they failed to muster the numbers as pro-EU Conservative rebels were cancelled out by pro-Brexit Labour rebels who voted with the Government.

An EU official briefed on the meeting on July 31 described it as "introductory" when Frost said little more than what Johnson has said publicly. "We will also advocate for a new bilateral trade agreement".

BBC Brussels reporter Adam Fleming said the meeting between the officials and diplomats was a debrief from discussions last week between the EU, UK Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay and Mr Johnson's European envoy, David Frost.

Mr Hancock meanwhile played down suggestions that the Government was preparing for a snap general election in the autumn. That compares with the 55% who opposed independence in the 2014 plebiscite.

But any attempt to push through a no-deal Brexit not supported by the House of Commons would put Johnson on a legal and constitutional collision course. There are only 87 days until the United Kingdom is set to leave the EU.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said he doesn't think there should be an early general election, responding to mounting speculation the government is preparing for one.

"The party I joined was the party of John Major and John Major, I think, is probably feeling like this judging by his contributions in recent weeks". In Brecon, the Tories would have won had their candidate secured the 3,331 votes that went to Farage's Brexit Party.

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