China warns India of reverse sanctions if Huawei is blocked

China ‘blackmailing’ India into using Huawei 5G infra US Congressman

China warns India of reverse sanctions if Huawei is blocked

Chinese officials has reportedly told India's ambassador to Beijing, Vikram Misri, that if India does decide to block Huawei from its market then it will impact Indian firms now operating in China. After facing a brief ban in the U.S., the world's biggest smartphone manufacturer company is now facing a potential ban in India.

Senator Marsha Blackburn highlights that China, along with its state-run company Huawei, is looking to push its spy embedded technology onto America and its allies.

China has resorted to playing dirty tactics, and has warned India that there will be consequences if the country bans Huawei.

According to the same sources, India's ambassador in Beijing, Vikram Misri, was summoned to the Chinese Foreign Ministry on 10 July to hear concerns about U.S. attempts to force Chinese tech giant Huawei to withdraw from building 5G mobile infrastructure globally.

However, China on Tuesday hoped that India would make an "independent and objective" judgment on permitting its telecom giant Huawei in 5G trials and services in the country.

Huawei said in a statement that it "continues to challenge the constitutionality of the ban in federal court".

ZTE didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

Huawei has been blacklisted by the United States for security reasons, and Google services for the phone company have been suspended.

There is already tension between China and India over territories, and this issue might just make things worse than they already are.

However, last month the UK's House of Commons Science and Technology Committee concluded that Huawei should not be barred from 5G and conventional telecoms networks as there was no technical reason to do that.

So far, Indian agencies and telecom officials have no evidence to suggest that the Chinese company has used any kind of "back-door" to collect data during its past operations in India.

"The Administration has a strong commitment to defending our nation from foreign adversaries, and will fully comply with Congress on the implementation of the prohibition of Chinese telecom and video surveillance equipment companies, including Huawei", said Jacob Wood, spokesperson for the Office of Management and Budget, in an email.

The government should get wireless carriers who will be rolling out 5G services to use Indian-made software to drive equipment supplied by gearmakers such as Huawei, NSAB expert V.Kamakoti said in a recent internal presentation reviewed by Reuters.

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