Earn Cash Prizes and More With the PS4 Tournaments: Challenger Series

PlayStation and Sony Enter The Esports Arena With PS4 Tournaments Program

Earn Cash Prizes and More With the PS4 Tournaments: Challenger Series

PlayStation is putting their hat in the ring when it comes to competitive gaming on their platform.

The first PS4 Tournaments: Challenger Series tournament was started back in June for Injustice 2 and is nearing its final, which will take place on August 4.

PlayStation Challenger series: Seasons and stages As mentioned, PS4 Tournaments: Challenger series is a seasonal event, which will provide players more chances to win the game.

The challenger series will be played in stages. See how far you can go - then come back for the next season and see what new prizes you can win! On passing Stage 1, users will get a game-specific PS4 theme; for passing Stage 2, users will get digital in-game currency, and lastly, for passing Stage 3, rewards include a Grand Prize, including digital in-game currency and more. PlayStation Challenger series: Prizes For starters, there will be some in-game currency and cash prizes. Each season allows you to compete throughout.

Esports are more popular than ever largely due to the massive popularity of Fortnite and the huge amount of work Epic has put into the game's competitive element. Given the popularity of the gaming console that recently crossed 100 million units in sales, it makes sense for the company to give its fans around the world a totally new experience where gamers of all skill levels will be able to compete from within the comfort of their homes.

All that you will need to participate in the tournaments is an active PlayStation Plus Membership.

Mortal Kombat 11 will have its first stage from August 6-9, with August 10 holding the second stage.

Prizes: As you progress through the competition stages, the value of the prizes will increase. In an online basis, Gamebattles, ESL, UMG, and other outlets have been providing it for years.

Sony is expected to introduce major improvements that could change how games are both played and designed with its newest yet-to-be-named console.

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