Google Fit Gets Dark Theme and Sleep Tracking

It's official: the Google Fit app is the latest to get a Dark Mode. Now, in addition to tracking movement and heart health, Google is building on Google Fit's sleep tracking support, along with workout mapping for iPhone users. Furthermore, users can add, edit or access their sleep history through the journal.

"At Google Fit, we understand that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is more than just tracking what you do on the go".

The good news, however, is that once it's connected, you'll have one central dashboard to get an overview of your daily exercise and sleep patterns.

Week, month, and year views of sleep data. That will break down average duration of sleep per month and as a whole year average. Apps which don't offer a dark theme are fairly obvious in that situation, therefore - not to mention glaring. Ahead of Dark mode coming to Android Q and iOS 13, Google Fit can now be manually configured to use a dark theme. Not only will it be easier on your eyes, but dark themes help save battery life on phones with OLED displays. Besides the new dark theme, Google also added improved sleep charts, which means users will be able to track their sleep patterns along with all other activities they do throughout the day.

That's big news for Google Fit fans, but there is a bit of a twist.

Google Fit for Android can display a summary of your workouts along with a map of your route, whether you ran, hiked or biked. It'll be available for both iOS and Android.

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