Google Maps’ new features make it an ideal traveling companion

Google Maps’ new features make it an ideal traveling companion

Google Maps’ new features make it an ideal traveling companion

We also get discounts on flight booking as there is a tough competition going on around.

The company unveiled the promotion for flights on Thursday as it announced a new slate of travel-related features for customers that will be accessible through the browser and through Google's Maps app. If Google claims that it does not expect the price for your trip to drop by the time you fly, if the fare actually does fall, the company will automatically compensate you the difference. This new Flight Booking offer by Google is pretty easy and straightforward and you don't have to mess up with the booking code or promo code, unlike other flight booking websites. Google says because so many airlines have their own verbiage on what an economy seat may entail, it's hoping to standardize the language by showing people what type of ticket they're getting before they book.

An update coming to Google Flights will now show travelers guides on popular destinations based on their country and the time of year.

From today, you may see whether Google considers the price for your entire itinerary to be typical, high or low, as it already does for flights. Clicking on it will take you to the Flights tab on Google search.

The price guarantee applies to select US domestic and worldwide flights booked between August 13 and September 2, 2019.

The flights originating from the U.S. will get the offer, whether it's domestic or global. When you search for flight tickets on Google, Google will now offer insights on flight ticket prices. This will give you the discount and difference on the final price if there is any. For certain flights, Google will also display how the price changed over several months and it'll notify you when it thinks the price might rise or if it's unlikely to get any lower.

The Maps app will now help you to organize all of the travel reservation information according to date-of course, this will be pulled directly from your Gmail account.

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