Google will include recycled materials in all own products by 2022

Google will include recycled materials in all own products by 2022

Google will include recycled materials in all own products by 2022

Numerous major tech companies are racing to go green these days, implementing a variety of initiatives from more sustainable manufacturing practices to more eco-friendly overall operations and even products like the solar-powered smartphone we told you about on Monday.

Alphabet Inc's Google on Monday announced that it would neutralize carbon emissions from delivering consumer hardware by next year and include recycled plastic in each of its products by 2022.

Three out of nine Google products for which the company has detailed disclosures online contain recycled plastic, ranging from 20% to 42% in the casings for its Google Home speakers and Chromecast streaming dongles. That includes devices like the Pixel phones, Pixelbook laptops, Google Home speakers, Nest accessories, and even phone cases.

"We've also launched our Power Project, which will bring one million energy- and money-saving Nest thermostats to families in need by 2023, and built much of our Nest product portfolio with post-consumer recycled plastic". In an interview with Fast Company, Google hardware design team head Ivy Ross explains how sustainability came to the forefront of the design process. Devices can not clear the second checkpoint in the company's design process unless they show that sustainable packaging and materials and ease of fix have been considered.

Companies like Apple and Samsung have set out similar targets as part of a greater eco-friendly push within the industry, including the iPhone maker's increasing use of recycled material in its own devices.

To prove that this claim is more than just lip service, Google's chief of sustainability Anna Meegan announced today that 100 percent of all its shipments - both to and from consumers - will be completely carbon neutral by the start of 2020. "It's going to take us time to demonstrate progress". Meegan points out that the company was able to reduce its carbon emissions by 40 percent from 2017 to 2018.

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