Hong Kong airport suspends check-ins due to protests

Protesters in Hong Kong have insisted they will continue their movement which is now in its third month

Hong Kong airport suspends check-ins due to protests

At least eight protests in various forms were planned over the weekend in the city.

"We hope to provide a safer place for parents and their kids to participate in rallies, and to voice their concerns", said Fion Yim, 35, representative of the organising committee for what was billed as the family protest.

At the same time, the military garrison maintained by People's Liberation Army (PLA) in Hong Kong released a video showing an anti-riot drill in which soldiers with assault rifles, armoured personnel carriers and water cannons disperse a crowd of protesters.

Police said one officer had been injured by a petrol bomb hurled by a protester in Tsim Sha Tsui and that bricks had also been hurled at officers.

Hong Kongers made a decision to take to the streets day and night because their democratic system has been greatly eroded, and problems generated by ineffective government and an out-of-control police force can not be addressed through the political system, he said. "But [the government] refused to face the loss of control of police and instead showed hostility to the protesters, thereby intensifying the violent confrontations".

Scantlebury and her brother, Julian, grew up in Hong Kong but study in the United Kingdom and Australia, respectively. If Hong Kong loses this foundation, the assets owned by the Hong Kong people could disappear overnight. "I think it's unbelievable".

Hong Kong riot police charging into a subway station pursuing pro-democracy activists and firing into them at point blank range.

The Hong Kong protests have now entered their 10th week and the demands have expanded.

The airport has become a focal point for protesters, with global visitors being the target audience of large banners and anti-government leaflets printed in multiple languages.

The phrase, popularized by legendary martial artist Bruce Lee, speaks to the ability to adapt oneself to fast-changing situations.

Protesters shelter each other under umbrellas as build barricade in the Tai Wai area during demonstrations against a controversial extradition bill in Hong Kong on August 10, 2019.

That became a cat-and-mouse chase with demonstrators late into the summer night.

China's denunciations of Washington's "black hand" is a warning that it is preparing a pretext to crack down on the Hong Kong demonstrators. Thousands occupying the airport arrivals hall for a second day, while elsewhere police displayed a new willingness to quickly and forcibly clear them from the streets.

The pilot has been suspended, and the airline has also fired two ground staff, reportedly after they leaked information on a Hong Kong police football team that was travelling to the mainland.

"China solemnly demands that the British side immediately stop all actions that meddle in Hong Kong affairs and interfere in China's internal affairs", said a Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman.

China is also putting pressure on big companies, such as Cathay Pacific Airways, whose shares tumbled to close to a 10-year low on Monday, after it was told to suspend staff engaged in illegal protests.

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