How to Watch Ninja's First Mixer Stream

Ninja Leaves Twitch For Mixer

How to Watch Ninja's First Mixer Stream

Streaming giant Twitch was dealt a major blow Thursday when Tyler "Ninja" Blevins announced via Twitter that he is leaving the platform to stream exclusively on a rival platform, Mixer. Twitch had a five-year head start, having launched in 2011, but Mixer's been praised recently for its user-friendly interface and low tolerance for toxic behavior - helpful given how many kids are joining the streaming community. The Mixer numbers aren't beating Ninja's best days on Twitch, but they are just as good as his recent weekday viewers. He goes on to say that his streams will be "the exact same", so don't expect Ninja to get away from Fortnite any time soon. As per the data from Streamlabs, about 119.1 million hours of streams was viewed on Mixer between April and June, compared to more than 2.7 billion hours on Twitch.

Ninja's first livestream on Mixer will be during Lollapalooza on August 2.

Blevins first emerged in the streaming community eight years ago while playing Halo. He said he lost 40,000 subscribers. He was supposed to be what everyone wanted him to be as the face of Twitch, the wholesome multicolor-haired streamer that purposefully held back on profane language to accommodate for his younger audience. If he dipped back into his more raw, off-the-cuff personality, then he was suddenly a poor role model or a bad influence on youth.

The move to Mixer is one of a few changes for Blevins this year.

"I will play with any gamer who loves gaming as much as I do", he said.

No longer does Ninja have to be the person who fits the Twitch mold. Without a single broadcast on the site, the streamer has entered into the top 10 Mixer users in terms of followers. The news comes via a tweet from the streaming star, with him dubbing the move "the next chapter". Some loyal fans may even see this as outright betrayal, especially if Twitch is their only platform to watch game streaming.

Bugha will continue onward, building his brand and collaborating with the biggest names in gaming to take his career to the next level on Twitch.

A passing of the torch.

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