Kid Icarus for NES, a Sealed Copy Sold for $ 9,000 on Ebay

Do you have this Nintendo game? Source Nintendo  Getty

Do you have this Nintendo game? Source Nintendo GettyMore

A Nevada man's unopened copy of cult-classic video game "Kid Icarus" sold for a whopping US$9,000 (AU$13,231) in an online auction.

Those $ 9,000 earned were then spent on a family vacation at Disneyland, of course together with the parents responsible for purchasing the now-famous Kid Icarus cartridge at the time, as a worthy conclusion to the story. The NES game was purchased back in 1988 for $38.45 - which equates to more than $80 today - but it was never opened and remains sealed to this day.

His mom didn't remember it, and when he told her about it, she said, "I paid $34.99 for a stupid video game?".

"It was kind of amusing - I saw it was sealed, and I thought it was worth a couple hundred dollars", Amos said.

"I simply left it on the kitchen counter, within reach of my two small children or the dog or anything else", Amos mentioned. Amos had no idea of the value of the cartridge, so he called a U.S. company to evaluate the conditions of the video games for collectors, and found he could earn a lot of money. I don't want the kids drawing on it or anything or opening it, ' " Amos said. Maybe you should have a check - they could be worth a lot of money.

Wata Games CEO Deniz Kahn told Amos that another copy of Kid Icarus in similar condition had sold for $10,000.

But Valarie McLeckie at Heritage Auctions says it's one of the hardest Nintendo titles to find in sealed condition. "Finding a sealed copy in the wild is very hard".

He said he found the game cartridge intact and still inside the shrink wrap that kept it safe from dust and moisture.

Amos has agreed to split the money from the game's sale 50-50 with his sister, as the family isn't sure who it was originally meant for.

They planned to spend the money on something practical, like bills, Amos said, but they've chose to do something more memorable.

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