Life with 32-year minimum for mother who murdered young daughters

The chilling moment Louise Porton inset was captured on CCTV with her young daughters before the murders began

The chilling moment Louise Porton inset was captured on CCTV with her young daughters before the murders began

A 23-year-old mother of two was sentenced to life for murdering her two daughters.

She had been found guilty by jury on Thursday of killing three-year-old Lexi Draper and 17-month-old Scarlett Vaughan less than three weeks apart in January past year.

The first day of the trial was told that from August 2016 until early November 2017 Porton lived at an address in Willenhall, where her landlady spent "more and more time" caring for Lexi and Scarlett while their mother was "doing social things" instead of looking after them.

Pictured, Louise Porton, Birmingham mother " How long does it take a dead body to go cold up to the shoulder?" .

Det Supt Pete Hill, from Warwickshire Police, added: "These were premeditated murders for which she has shown no remorse, and the length of the sentence reflects this". They ought to have been able to rely upon their mother to protect and nurture them.

The judge said she was sure Porton had been responsible for events leading to Lexi's earlier admissions to hospital on January 2 and 4.

Before calling 999, she searched "can you actually die if you have a blocked nose and cover your mouth with tape" on the internet.

Mrs Justice Yip said while Porton had no doubt struggled as a young single mother, her situation could not begin to explain her actions.

It was posted just three months after she had been arrested on suspicion of murdering her daughters - she was then charged in January this year.

Mr Draper said he was "broken" and no punishment would ever be enough.

When the toddler was ill in hospital, just over a week before she died, Porton - who described herself as a model - had taken topless photos in the toilets and was arranging to perform sex acts in exchange for money with a man she had met through a website.

Prosecutors told jurors Porton's children "got in the way of her doing what she wanted, when she wanted and with whom she wanted".

Daily Mail quoted Chris Draper as saying, "When we lost Lexi we were heartbroken and couldn't believe she had gone".

Warwickshire Police, who investigated both children's murders, welcomed the sentence handed to Porton. Only having a short time with Lexi and never meeting Scarlett makes it all the more heartbreaking.

Meanwhile, had earlier reported that a 24-year-old Russian Instagram influencer identified as Ekaterina Karaglanova was found dead in her apartment in Moscow. "The loss of Lexi and Scarlett has not just affected the immediate family, but also all those who were part of their lives".

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