Miami Marlins apologise for blaming rival Rays for death of Steve Irwin

Bob Steve and Bindi Irwin in 2005 at Australia Zoo

Bob Steve and Bindi Irwin in 2005. More

Over the weekend they got into a Twitter sparring match with the Tampa Bay Rays, who swept the Marlins in two games.

One of Florida's major league baseball teams, the Miami Marlins, learned the hard way this week that it's still too soon since Steve Irwin's death to joke about it. That's when the Marlins clapped back and said: "YOU'RE LITERALLY THE ANIMAL THAT KILLED STEVE IRWIN LOG OFF".

Former Marlins team president and current CBS Sports HQ baseball analyst David P. Samson weighed in on the social media altercation and recommended that the franchise take a good look at who has the keys to their social media accounts. "Unfortunately, in this medium, sometimes we swing and miss, and this was definitely a miss", a spokesperson said in a statement.

The Marlins also followed the tweet up with a separate apology.

"Yes I was sacked, but the person responsible for this tweet should be sitting right next to me and would be were I still there", Samson wrote on Twitter. "Inexcusable, even by Twitter standards". The devil ray is a cousin of the stingray.

Spokesman says "the matter has been addressed internally".

The Marlins official Twitter account added, "we miss Steve" and that "we're so sorry to have made light of his passing". Seriously enough that the Marlins noticed, and issued an apology.

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