Mike Perry Suffers one of the Worst Broken Noses in UFC History

Mike Perry

Mike Perry Suffers one of the Worst Broken Noses in UFC History

Perry (13-6) showcased his toughness by going the distance on Saturday in a bloody co-main event bout against Vicente Luque despite coming up on the wrong end of a split decision at UFC Fight Night in Uruguay.

But the judges and Perry's face told the tale of who won the fight.

The biggest talking point of the match was though, the broken nose of Mike Perry. When he comes back to the Octagon, he will be coming off of a loss to Luque.

"If you've ever been tempted to get into MMA, just take a look at what happened to Mike Perry's nose after his #UFCUruguay fight against Vicente Luque", one of the tweets read.

To the American's credit, not only did he keep fighting but he arguably got the better of the fight's closing exchanges as time elapsed in the final round. Despite a mediocre UFC record, Perry is one of the most popular fighters in the sport right now as he always puts on a good show for the fans and is also very quotable.

While Luque was crowned the victor, the damage to Perry's nose wasn't entirely for nothing-the match was named Fight of the Night and both men walked away with an extra $50,000.

A social media post from his wife Danielle Nickerson suggested that Perry was "doing ok" after his surgery. It was a lengthy surgery since Perry had previous fractures in his nose that needed to be taken care of, ESPN reported.

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