NASA reports massive asteroid on collision route to Earth

Scientist Had No Idea Asteroid Came Closer to the Earth than the Moon

NASA reports massive asteroid on collision route to Earth

Wordon also claimed spray painting one side of an asteroid was being discussed, as that patch would then be heated differently by the Sun, impacting its path.

In the summer of 2021, NASA's DART mission, which stands for Double Asteroid Redirection Test, will demonstrate a kinetic impactor technique on a double asteroid - essentially bumping the smaller asteroid - to see how much they can move it.

The Apollo-class celestial rock is set to whiz past Earth on August 28 at a phenomenal 18km per NASA's Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) the asteroid will come 40 times closer to Earth than Venus, our nearest neighbor, when it passes at a distance of about one million kilometers.

About six space objects around the size of Asteroid 2006 QQ23 pass by our planet each year, but thankfully all pose a statistically insignificant risk to life here on Earth.

The asteroid, named 2006 QQ23, has roughly a diameter of 1,870 feet and height 1,454 feet. At this distance, it can be classified as a near-Earth asteroid.

To this day, NASA monitors the potential asteroid collision and continue to release official word to settle the fears of the people.

Despite the certainty of an asteroid impact, Remy believes that Earth is not in danger of getting hit by planet-killer space rocks or those that are more than a kilometer in length.

'Asteroid Bennu, which is currently being visited by the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft, currently has a one-in-a-few-thousand chance of impacting a couple of centuries from now, but as we continue to track this asteroid, I expect that chance to drop to zero, ' Chodas told Newsweek.

NASA has reported that it was about 45,000 miles from Earth on this Thursday.

Unlike the planet-killer asteroids, the destruction caused by an impact from a smaller one will be more localized. As it heats, it emits radiation, which, over time, will push it off course a little, Wordon said.

"Someday the earth will be impacted again", he said.

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