New Pokémon Sword and Shield information coming on August 7

And it's good timing, too: earlier today, United Kingdom fans received news that there'd be a special Pokemon Center pop-up arriving in the United Kingdom to coincide with the launch of the games on October 18. Pokemon Centers are franchise-specific shopping destinations that offer tons of exclusive merch and hold in-store events.There are now Pokemon Centers in the US, Singapore, and Japan, but this UK-based shop will only be a temporary fixture, like the one in Paris that opened for three weeks back in 2014.

What could The Pokemon Company be gearing up to announce?

Stay tuned for all the information you need on Pokemon Sword and Shield.

November 15, the store's last day, is also the game's release date on Nintendo Switch. And the Pokemon Company has been slowly but surely releasing new details about the upcoming titles.

Whatever it is, we don't have long to wait to find out more.

The official Pokemon Twitter account has revealed that more information on Pokemon Sword and Shield will be dropping later this week. This direct could show us some of the pokemon from generations 1-6 who will appear in Galar, so here's hoping our favorites get in.

We're edging closer and closer to Pokemon Sword and Shield's release date of November 15.

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