North Korea conducts new launches, threatens to take 'new road'

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North Korea conducts new launches, threatens to take 'new road'

North Korea has continued to ramp up its weapons demonstrations by firing unidentified projectiles twice into the sea while lashing out at the USA and South Korea for continuing their joint military exercises the North says could derail fragile nuclear diplomacy.

It said the projectiles showed similar flight characteristics to short-range missiles North Korea fired on July 25, which travelled about 600 kilometres (373 miles) during launches the North described a "solemn warning" to South Korea over its plans to continue military drills with the United States.

Choi Hyun-soo, spokeswoman of South Korea's Defence Ministry, said the North's launches go against the spirit of a bilateral military agreement reached a year ago to reduce conventional threats.

North Korea's foreign ministry then issued a statement blasting US-South Korean military drills which began Monday, accusing the pair of rehearsing for an invasion. "Although the US and South Korean authorities are playing all sorts of tricks to justify the joint military exercise, its aggressive nature can neither be covered up nor whitewashed in any manner", the statement reads, according to Yonhap.

"If the South and North could create a peace economy through economic cooperation, we can catch up with Japan's superiority in one burst", Moon said in the meeting at Seoul's presidential Blue House.

'If this is what they call "creative approach" and "imaginative power beyond common sense", we will be compelled to seek a new road as we have already indicated.

In a statement, the North's foreign ministry accused the two allies of "playing all sorts of tricks" to justify the military exercises and said their "aggressive nature" could not be covered up.

The arrival of new, US-made F-35A stealth fighters in South Korea, the visit of an American nuclear-powered submarine to a South Korean port, and USA tests of ballistic missiles, are among the steps that have forced North Korea to continue its own weapons development, the spokesman said.

North Korea has fired a series of missiles and rockets after criticising the United States and South Korea for its joint drills and adoption of high-tech weapons. Analysts said they appeared to have been unusually fast.

Meanwhile, a UN Security Council report revealed North Korea has been engaged in "sophisciated" hacking campaigns against banks to finance its weapons programme.

The North's recent weapons tests have dampened the optimism that followed the third summit between the two men on June 30 at the inter-Korean border.

People watch a TV broadcasting a news report on North Korea firing two unidentified projectiles, in Seoul, South Korea, August 6, 2019.

The Trump administration says the sanctions will be fully enforced until the North makes concrete steps toward relinquishing its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile program.

North Korea had agreed to suspend its missile and nuclear tests, but since talks fell through, they have launched a number of missiles and rockets.

The experts said that despite the diplomatic efforts, they found "continued violations" of United Nations sanctions.

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