Protesters paralyse Hong Kong with citywide strike

Protesters flashing laser beams as riot police volleyed multiple rounds of tear gas to disperse the crowd during yesterday's protest

Protesters paralyse Hong Kong with citywide strike

The report says that a delegation from Hong Kong is expected to visit Shenzhen on Wednesday (Aug. 7) to meet with officials from Beijing. Police fired multiple rounds of tear gas at the demonstrators there.

Kong said he doesn't feel the police are being made scapegoats over the violence and are fulfilling their mandate to protect the community and maintain law and order.

The two-month crisis has become the biggest threat to Beijing's rule of the semi-autonomous southern Chinese city since its handover from the British in 1997.

Hong Kong police have arrested 420 protesters since June 9 on charges including rioting, unlawful assembly, possessing offensive weapons and assaulting officers and obstructing police operations.

Police arrested 82 people.

Echoing her previous, worn-out statements in the ninth week of popular protests across the city, Lam emphasized her position that "Dissatisfaction with governance is not an excuse to resort to violence". While the government has since suspended the bill, protesters have pressed on with broader calls for democratic reforms, an investigation into the police brutality allegations and for the city's leader to step down.

"I believe the protesters and Hong Kong citizens will "be water" and know what to do", he said, referring to the protesters' philosophy of taking a fluid approach to their demonstrations. In the Wong Tai Sin district, protesters threw umbrellas at the officers, who retaliated with pepper spray and more tear gas. "Those ulterior motives are going to destroy Hong Kong".

Police in at least one district have used tear gas to disperse crowds. Traffic lights were also shut off after underground cables were dug up and cut, while railings were pulled from the sidewalk to use as barriers against riot police.

China's cabinet-level State Council said it planned to hold a press conference on Tuesday.

"Too much. Why do they have to create trouble for people not involved in their cause?" said John Chan, whose flight to Singapore was cancelled.

In a press conference, Lam yesterday warned the city was nearing a "very risky situation" as she framed the protests as a challenge to China's sovereignty.

A exhausted looking Lam delivered the remarks at a news conference that follows weeks of daily marches and demonstrations that have frequently devolved into violent confrontations, with police deploying tear gas rubber bullets and other crowd control measures. Lam said that more violence will only make the situation more hard to resolve by increasing anxiety and propelling Hong Kong towards a more unsafe situation.

Protesters were blocking trains during the morning rush hour and called for a citywide strike by workers.

The general strike led to more than 200 flight cancellations at the city's airport, Hong Kong media reported.

"The (party's) central committee has full confidence in chief executive Carrie Lam and fully affirms her work". Airport express train service was also suspended.

City check-in desks for the airport rail line were disrupted earlier because of the strike.

One of the protesters' key demands is for Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam to stand down. He says that the protesters have had to come up with creative solutions because the police have been using tear gas on a massive scale.

Rallies began, today, one in Tseung Kwan O, a quiet residential district in eastern Hong Kong that lies across the harbor from the city's main island, a quiet residential district in eastern Hong Kong that lies across the harbor from the city's main island, and another, across the harbour on the northwestern end of Hong Kong Island.

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