‘Red Dead Online’ Update Adds Three Unique Specialist Roles

‘Red Dead Online’ Update Adds Three Unique Specialist Roles

‘Red Dead Online’ Update Adds Three Unique Specialist Roles

The first of these three Roles is the Bounty Hunter. This class can unlock a lasso, gun-spinning tricks, advanced Eagle-Eye while sprinting, and other pursuit-specific concepts. Nearby players can "occasionally" become targets as well, if they've got a bounty.

The second role is for the less action-oriented folks Red Dead Online players.

The life of a Trader involves trying to start a business through your Camp, as you hunt animals for skins and materials to sell on for profit.

Players who choose the bounty hunter role are going to have the opportunity to hunt down an array of NPC characters with bounties on their heads.

'Increasing your skill as a Trader unlocks the ability to upgrade your Camp with a Weapons Locker, Stew Pot and even allow any canine companion to warn of impending attacks on the camp. You'll also gain "new assets" such as a hunting wagon which can transport bigger hauls for your business.

Finally, a Collector loves to explore the world for rare and valuable items, searching for lost jewelry, rare arrowheads and other treasures to sell as individual pieces or highly valuable sets.

Rockstar Games has gone into detail as to what will be included in the upcoming Red Dead Online update. Progressing the Collector path unlocks tools to aid in the search of rare items such as Refined Binoculars, a Horse Lantern and a Metal Detector, as well as new skills that aid in the detection of new items for you collection.

Rockstar are stating that depending on the role and how far you've progressed, your experience with the world and its characters will change, which sounds interesting in theory but might be completely different in practice.

And in addition to these roles, the next update will also deliver a variety of new content and improvements aimed at enhancing all your experiences inside the world of Red Dead Online, whether within roles, competitive modes or simply exploring free roam.

Roles are not a lock-in choice; you can play as all three simultaneously, or choose one to spend all your efforts on.

Additionally, damage reduction to defensive players is coming while Red Dead Online will remember player preferred playing style when they exit a game.

Reading through responses to the announcement, gamers seem to be most excited about the Trader role addition, mostly because of the suggestion that a pet dog will be included.

These are just the first three roles to be added to Red Dead Online, and it is heavily implied that more will come in the future.

They said "substantial" changes are being made to combat and movement that will make the controls more responsive but still feel natural. More loot is also promised as well as a character appearance reset.

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