Ron Burgundy appeared on six different late-night shows in one evening

Ron Burgundy

Ron Burgundy appeared on six different late-night shows in one evening

Will Ferrell's iconic Anchorman character appeared on six late night shows Thursday night to promote season 2 of The Ron Burgundy Podcast. After all, he's kind of a big deal, so is it any surprise every network wanted a piece?

On The Tonight Show, Ferrell performed a set of stand up as Burgundy, taking aim at Shawn Mendes and the Yankees, and also detailed his knife fight with Kylie Minogue to Fallon. Ron Burgundy was all over late-night last night. Catch up on all the best bits ahead.

On Thursday night, Will Ferrell donned his immortal mustache once again, and appeared on a half-dozen late-night comedy shows as beloved anchorman Ron Burgundy.

With Will Ferrell bringing back Ron Burgundy for a second season of The Ron Burgundy Podcast, he made a special round of appearances on late-night talk shows. The premiere episode of season two will debut today with democratic presidential candidate Sen. Ron Burgundy the stand-up comic has material that is pretty much exactly what you'd expect be-over-the-top, aggressive, weird, and hilariously bad. "I'll admit - when I first started in this rodeo, it was my first rodeo, and I had no idea what a podcast even was". The first episode of The Ron Burgundy Podcast's second season arrived yesterday. The show's guests included Peter Dinklage, RuPaul, and Deepak Chopra. And now, it is not my first rodeo. Doubly baffling, and for reasons beyond my grasp, they actually want more.

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