"The Fiend" Makes His First Entrance at SummerSlam

What is Bray Wyatt’s ‘Fiend’? Masked persona explained

Courtesy of WWE

Everything that Bray Wyatt has done to this point under his new persona as The Fiend has been masterfully well done, and Sunday night at SummerSlam in Toronto, the time would arrive where he would make his return to the ring to square off against Finn Balor. The music along with the lighting effects made the Fiend feel like a horror movie monster and most importantly, a big star in WWE. Does Wyatt view The Fiend as an extension of himself or as an entirely separate person who he has no control over? The entrance featured a remixed entrance theme and a fake head with a lantern in the mouth, and it looked as if The Fiend appeared out of nowhere.

Together with the attacks, the WWE Universe should expect an undefeated streak that could expand for many months.

This symbolic artifact can be added to the list of references that have been made to Wyatt's past personas like Huskus the Pig representing Husky Harris (Bray's first WWE character) and Abby the Witch paying homage to Sister Abigail.

In recent weeks The Fiend has terrorised WWE legends such as Kurt Angle and Mick Foley, taking the latter's Mandible Claw finishing move in the process.

Wyatt had the crowd in the palm of his hand thanks to his incredible new entrance.

No ring rust was evident for Bray Wyatt as the Fiend looked dominant and stole the show.

You just have to witness the entrance in its entirety to see how good it was. It happened at SummerSlam ... and it was equal parts destructive and horrifying.

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