Tribute held at Dallas airport for American Vietnam vet decades after death

Tribute held at Dallas airport for American Vietnam vet decades after death

Tribute held at Dallas airport for American Vietnam vet decades after death

He and his family made a trip to Dallas' Love Field from their home in North Texas to see his father off as he left for the Vietnam War. On Thursday, his son, Bryan, a captain with Southwest Airlines, was the pilot who brought his father's remains back to Dallas.

Col. Roy Knight was shot down while flying an American plane over Vietnam in 1967.

Once the younger Knight learned that his father's remains had been found, he launched the process of repatriating them. He now flies as a captain for Southwest Airlines. "There's a lot to this, there's competing emotions, not only because he's coming home. which is a good thing, it is a very good thing, but there's also the aspect that we're reliving the loss". "But as a kid, what you really think is, if you don't do that, you're somehow going to be responsible for him being lost".

USA Today reported that Knight was shot down in 1967 while attacking a target on the Ho Chin Minh trail in Laos.

Military officials say the crash site was searched several times since the 1990s.

His remains were found 52 years later in February. "This is awesome", Bryan Knight said in a video posted by Southwest on Twitter.

According to Knight's obituary, he served as a typing clerk in the Philippines, Japan and Korea before becoming a fighter pilot. He became a fighter pilot, serving in Germany and France before returning home in 1963 to work as an instructor pilot.

Major Roy Knight Jr. died in action in 1967 when his plane was shot down over Laos.

He was described as Missing In Action until 1974, when he was listed as Killed In Action.

Jackson Proscow, the Washington Bureau Chief of Canada's Global News, had a layover in Dallas on his way home from covering the devastating El Paso mass shooting when he saw the touching scene unfold.

An honour guard from the air force met the plane carrying his remains at Love Field Airport, along with Southwest crew, the airport's fire department and family members. Onlookers stood silently at the window, some wiping away tears.

A water cannon salute welcomed the flight from Oakland.

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