Android 10 stable update announced, rolling out already

Pixel Owners Could Get Android 10 On Sept. 3, According To Carriers

Google Pixel phones are supposedly getting the new Android 10 today

With Android 10, security updates and fixes will be rolled out via Google Play (Play Store) and you will receive them just the way your apps receive new updates. The list below includes new features that'll be quite apparent and system upgrades that one might never have even noticed were newly enabled.

Digital Wellbeing was an essential part of the Android 9 Pie release and well, it has now been expanded to include a new Focus Mode with Android 10. With it, you can swipe up from the bottom of the screen to return home, swipe left and right on the bottom bar to quickly jump between apps, or swipe from the edges of the screen to go back.

If you decide that gesture controls are not for you, you can repeat the same steps above and then tap on either the 3-button or 2-button navigation selections. "At the same time, with nearly 50 changes related to privacy and security, Android 10 gives you greater protection, transparency, and control over your data", said Dave Burke, VP of Engineering. Most, but not all first-party Google apps work with dark mode today, though some like Gmail won't support it until later in September, according to The Verge. Particularly if you are using your phone at night or in a dark environment.

While both leaks are Canadian, it points to Google's usual worldwide rollout of the new Android OS to all Pixels on the same day. That shouldn't be a huge surprise, given the fact that privacy has been a big topic among tech companies in the past few years.

After a number of betas, Google's latest major version of Android is coming out today. You can give apps persistent location access or only allow access when the app is open. Android 10 also introduces Live Caption for automatic captioning of videos, podcasts and audio messages across any app, though the feature will be available later this fall. There is a new unified privacy menu in the settings, and the system treats your location permission as a special case.

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