Another Fresh Round of Pixel 4 Images is Here

Google Has Launched Android 10 & Pixel is Getting It First

Latest Pixel 4 leak may show off full phone as Best Buy teases 'coming soon'

Once again, we can see the large top bezel which houses the sensors for Face Unlock, Motion Sense gestures, and the front-facing camera.

Bubbles in Android 10 can display small circular, floating notification alerts on top of whatever you're doing on your Android device. When other companies are including 12GB and more of RAM in their devices are Google trying to make a point and show just how little really can be used? We can see that the shutter button and other controls are now above the camera modes. Not only have there been unofficial leaks, but even Google got in on the action with the uncharacteristic move of posting renders of the device well ahead of its official launch.

More importantly, however, are two pictures corroborating features that were previously rumored. The alleged exclusive feature will allow Pixel 4 owners to notify Google Assistant when they're put on holding, enabling the personal assistant to take over the call. This suggests that the second lens on the back of the device will likely be a telephoto lens - although how much it can zoom and how much zooming Google's AI smarts are doing we're not sure. Google is focusing on system improvements, UI changes, and more shortcuts or smart features which will give a new look and the better user experience to the users from Android 9.0 Pie version. It not only shows us how the company is fixing the reachability issue with its current Camera app, simply by moving the camera modes options under the shutter button. We get to see the double rear camera that seems to be formed by a 12MP main camera.

Lastly, the image to the right (below) shows the device running a device information app that reveals a 6GB RAM model.

Google Has Launched Android 10 & Pixel is Getting It First

As a caveat to all of the above, these images don't seem to have shown up widely yet, and the identity of the Weibo user hasn't been confirmed by us, so take all of this with a grain of salt for now.

The latest crop of leaks include rumours about the smartphone's new camera module.

According to the expectations, Pixel 4 must arrive with a 5.7-inch 1080p+ OLED panel. Lastly, Google also wishes to know when a video is playing.

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