Apple Watch Series 5: Price, UK availability and new features

Apple has announced the price all-new Watch Series 5 variants in India

Apple Watch Series 5: Price, UK availability and new features

Walmart is running a similar promo on the iPhone XR, too, so you can take that one for just $549 now.

But check out some of the features of the iPhone 11 Pro! The data collected one day after the launch of iPhone 11 is compared with the iPhone trade-in trends a week back.

The iPhone 11 has two cameras stacked atop one another, and the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max both sport three cameras, arranged in a triangle.

Here's how battery life compares between the three 2019 iPhones. Apple stopped selling iPhone X a year ago itself.

Douglas has also trolled Apple's branding for the newest camera feature, "The front-facing camera can now take slow-motion video". Apple explained on stage that it's now able to only turn on those sectors of the chip that are required for any given tasks, which means even less power consumption than before.

The new iPad 10.2.7 series will be offered starting from UAH 10,999, and the price of the Apple Watch Series 5 40 mm devices will start from UAH 13,699.

And as always, there had to be jokes about how the new iPhone is mindbogglingly expensive priced.

Just in case you didn't know, there is a new iPhone series. the iPhone 11, along with the iPhone Pro and and Pro Max. As an added benefit, the Pro models come with USB-C-to-Lightning cables, which lets you connect them directly to USB-C MacBooks and other laptops.

The battery capacity figures, also stated in the TENAA certification documents, indicate a sizeable improvement as well, which makes sense given that Apple claims the iPhone 11, and especially the Pro models, have vastly improved battery life over their predecessors. Last year's phones can also work with the new charger, but, again, you need to purchase it separately.

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