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CloseBack to Article Back to Article“It Chapter 2” a comprehensive review Even perfect casting can’t fix this carnival of mismatched genres

CloseBack to Article Back to Article“It Chapter 2” a comprehensive review Even perfect casting can’t fix this carnival of mismatched genres

Since then, I've been equal parts looking forward to and dreading seeing the sequel.

Given that 27 years have passed, the main characters are all grown up, at least physically, and most have left Derry and their memories of the killer clown behind them. And Mike (Isaiah Mustafa) has stayed in Derry this whole time studying the entity and learning about a ritual that can kill it. Standing watch as the lone sentry, Mike puts out the call to the rest of the pact-members after Pennywise devours a town visitor. The Losers reunite and join forces to try and defeat Pennywise for good.

I am still torn whether or not I enjoyed this movie. I think the logic is that you can afford to spend more time with the film because it's so scary that you won't be able to sleep after it's over.

The best thing about the casting of "It Chapter 2" is not only that Hader, Chastain, McAvoy, Mustafa, Ryan, Ransone and Bean look ideal for the part, but that these actors took on their roles so completely. It was an entertaining horror adventure in the "Stranger Things" vein, and It Chapter Two is still entertaining - though, at almost three hours, it sometimes wears out its welcome. It's partially featured in a few of the trailers, I don't want to give anything away, but it's intense. However, these scenes feel like they were imposed upon the film by the studio and act to the film's detriment.

You'll notice I skipped over basically the entire middle. The locals are unnaturally indifferent to racism, homophobia, missing children, etc.

For one, the film is overcrowded with flashbacks, contributing to the film's unnecessarily long runtime. I mean it - there's just no story.

The way I see it, there are two, maybe three possible outcomes here. Read below for more details.

Stephen King is great at a lot of things but brevity isn't one of them! It was easy to identify which child actor from the first film each adult actor was portraying. Hader is a comedian before he is an actor, and like Finn Wolfhard in the first film, is the main source of comic relief for Chapter 2. James Ransone (Eddie) and Jay Ryan (Ben) also look extremely similar to their younger selves.

"IT: Chapter Two" has such a huge budget that the filmmakers could basically take every single horror idea that inspired them, rework it to fit their own cinematic universe and then throw it at the wall to see what sticks. Beverly (Jessica Chastain) fled from her abusive creep of a father just to marry an abusive creep of a husband.

Watching each character go through something so intense and reminiscent of their childhoods makes you feel so much love and for them so hard.

The clear weak link of the performances is Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise. The man in the unusual paint then preceded to get some items out of his van and perform a magic trick in which he pretended to mutilate his own hand. He has to be one of my favorite villains of the decade. There is also a fantastic cameo from Stephen King, so be on the lookout for that. The ending is probably the most satisfying part of the movie, allowing audiences to finally take that breath of relief that they've been holding in since they stepped inside the theater.

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