'BYOB' to Popeyes so you can make your own chicken sandwich


'BYOB' to Popeyes so you can make your own chicken sandwich

Popeyes chicken sandwich sold out after a limited-time. And you bring your own bun ...

Craving the new Popeyes chicken sandwich?

The tweet includes an entire video promo of people ordering three tenders and putting them between their own buns they bring to the locations.

'Popeyes is working to get the Sandwich back in restaurants soon.

The chain tweeted: "Try our new BYOB!" While it won't have any of the other fixings like mayo and pickles, it's still technically a chicken sandwich.

In a press release obtained by DailyMail.com, Popeyes shared that they chose to promote the tenders after guests "couldn't get enough" of the sandwiches and made it a 'cultural phenomenon'. "Chick Fil A never runs out of sandwiches", jabbed another. Popeyes also splices in sarcastic slides that seem to taunt the customers, who are just asking for the sandwich, and not another chore. Over the past few weeks, the company's been dealing with a shortage of chicken sandwiches after Black Twitter made it go viral - providing a reported $23.25M worth of free advertisement off of social media mentions alone.

Our MLive Michigan's Best Team was able to score one of the sandwiches before they sold out. Fried chicken chain Popeyes is trying to offer some solace to those fiercely missing its wildly popular chicken sandwich.

Cil compared the phenomenon to "when the iPhone was launched about 10 to 12 years ago: "I've talked to many of our franchise partners across the country that have been in the business 40 to 50 years in some cases".

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