Canada election: Justin Trudeau faces battle to get re-elected

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer steps off a public transit bus in Mississauga, Ont. Friday Sept. 13

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer steps off a public transit bus in Mississauga, Ont. Friday Sept. 13

Trudeau didn't mention Wilson-Raybould, but told hundreds of party faithful it "just felt right" to start the 2019 campaign in B.C., the same place he launched the 2015 campaign.

"We gave out the largest and most expansive waiver of cabinet confidence in Canada's history", Trudeau answered, and then he stopped.

After a brief speech at Rideau Hall, reporters asked Trudeau about the SNC-Lavalin affair and a new Quebec law that prohibits teachers, police officers and other provincial employees from wearing religious symbols at work. Yet, as the Globe and Mail story points out, it wasn't enough for the ethics commissioner, who noted in his report into the affair some witnesses couldn't provide their full testimony.

Trudeau kicked off the campaign Wednesday by putting his economic record front and center.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks outside Rideau Hall in Ottawa on September 11, 2019. Trudeau has said he was standing up for jobs. "May their memories be a blessing to us all", he said.

"Canadians have an important choice to make". It landed only a few hours after the party released another attack Buzzfeed listicle-style attack titled "5 times Justin Trudeau sided with rich friends and corporations over Canadians". Will we go back to the failed policies of the past, or will we continue to move forward?

"Justin Trudeau having the advantage on this is actually critical for the upcoming election", Nik Nanos, chairman of Nanos Research, said in a telephone interview.

Trudeau's warning of conservative cuts and austerity measures are likely aimed at voters in Ontario, who elected a now unpopular conservative populist in 2018 as government premier.

Finally, a satirical political group that calls itself the Rhinoceros Party - but which is recognized by Canada's federal election regulator as a registered party - said it plans to field a candidate to run against Maxime Bernier, the leader of the right-wing People's Party of Canada (PPC). The two leaders were tied on the question as recently as May. Scheer had called on Trudeau to resign as prime minister back in February, after Wilson-Raybould had delivered her testimony to the committee.

"He'll say anything to cover up his scandals, and he'll say anything to get re-elected, and Canadians can not believe the things that he says", he stated on Wednesday.

"They are running against Ford and they are running against former Prime Minister Harper", he added, referring to Trudeau and the Liberal party.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh says Trudeau's absence from the debate poses a challenge, given his opponents all want to argue about the fact it is Liberal policies that have failed the country.

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