China urges United States to ensure North Korea talks resume

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un attends the testing of a super-large multiple rocket launcher in North Korea

North Korea fires unidentified projectiles toward East Sea

The military has come under fire after having to make several corrections after it announced inaccurate information on the North's recent missile launches.

North Korea says it carried out a "super-large" rocket launcher test on Tuesday (September 10). That's not a question of being tough.

Speaking after Bolton's departure, Pompeo said there were "many times" that they had disagreed, but countries should not expect changes in approach.

Little progress has been made in getting Kim to give up his weapons programs, but Trump has repeatedly pointed to North Korea's freeze in nuclear and long-range missile tests since 2017 as evidence of the success of his efforts. North Korea issued a fiery statement denouncing Bolton's comments and Trump ultimately distanced himself from what Bolton said. And I don't blame Kim Jong-Un for what he said after that.

Last month, North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho called his USA counterpart, Mike Pompeo, "the diehard toxin of the US diplomacy" for suggesting that all sanctions on the North would remain in place until the North's denuclearization.

Bolton was also a chief architect of the Trump administration's hardline policy on Iran.

Asked whether he would consider easing sanctions on Iran to secure a meeting with its leader President Hassan Rouhani at this month's U.N. General Assembly, Trump replied: "We'll see what happens". Last year, it threatened to call off a first summit between Kim and Trump after Bolton suggested the Libya model of unilateral disarmament. In the past, Bolton had proposed using military force to overthrow the country's ruling dynasty.

The timing would mean Pyongyang tested the weapon the same day as a testfire of twin short-range projectiles, hours after Pyongyang signalled was open to resuming talks with Washington. Some experts said the North Korean weapons tests were also a demonstration of its expanding weapons arsenal aimed at boosting its leverage ahead of new talks with the United States.

Pyongyang said on Monday that it was willing to restart nuclear talks with the USA in late September but warned that dealings between the sides could end unless Washington takes a fresh approach. There was no indication so far that the missile was a part of the Tuesday test.

"Bolton may not be loved by everyone but surely was a bulwark against a half-baked nuclear deal with North Korea, knowing very well about its negotiating tactics", said Kim Hong-kyun, a former South Korean nuclear envoy. "Whether it actually does or whether Bolton's view was more deeply entrenched in the U.S. thinking on this matter is yet to be seen".

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