Gmail finally starts rolling out dark mode for Android 10

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Gmail finally starts rolling out dark mode for Android 10

If you've been waiting for the dark mode for Gmail because all that white space all these years has been straining your eyes, you're finally getting it.

As a part of Android 10 leaving beta and arriving on Pixel devices as a stable build with official dark theme, Google told us that Gmail would get its darker makeover later on this month. This should make for easier reading and slightly less contrast than you might find in Android 10's system settings with dark theme enabled.

Testing of Dark Theme in Play Store with selected users is a good sign. However, one of the apps that still has not received the Dark theme treatment is Gmail. But it looks like the new look is coming to the email platform as well.

As for when the rest of us will get Android 10 and eventually the Gmail dark mode, that remains to be seen.

Luckily, the theme does not look half baked and covers nearly all the major aspects, judging by these screenshots. Although XDA claims to have tinkered with the Play Store, it's said that Google is rolling out the Dark Theme in Play Store only to selected Pixel users running Android 10.

Gmail users with an older version of Android can manually convert Gmail to the dark dark via the settings.

In case you didn't receive the material redesign of the Play Store on your device, you will be receiving it in the upcoming weeks since Google's server-side rollout takes a considerable amount of time to reach all the smartphone users across the globe. The compose screen and messages screen also adjust to the dark mode as well. Let us know in the comments.

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