Google Earth Images Lead to Remains of Florida Man Missing Since 1997

Remains Of Man Missing For 20 Years 'Found On Google Earth'

Skeletal Remains of Florida Man Missing for 22 Years Found After Submerged Car Spotted on Google Earth

Remains of a man, who had gone missing 22 years ago, were finally found after one of his former Florida neighbors zoomed in on the lake in Google Satellite Images where he noticed a auto swamped into it, authorities revealed. He had called his girlfriend from the club to let her know that he would soon head back to the home they shared. The man had been missing for nearly 22 years, and the vehicle was near the water's edge - reportedly visible in Google Earth satellite imagery since 2007.

William Moldt was reported missing in 1997 at the age of 40, after failing to return home from a night out in Lantana, Florida in the United States.

The police launched a missing person investigation, but the case went cold, with no new evidence emerging to aid in locating Moldt.

'Amazingly, the vehicle had been plainly visible on a Google Earth satellite image of the area since 2007, but apparently no one had noticed it until 2019, when a property surveyor saw the auto while looking at Google Earth, ' Moldt's cold case listing in the Charley Project says.

A previous resident of a neighborhood in Wellington, Florida, was searching around on Google Earth when they noticed something in the water, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

Moldt's remains were found August 28 after a former resident saw the auto in the pond, the sheriff's office said.

Google Earth and a drone helped some Floridians crack a 22-year-old cold case, but there are still some unanswered questions. There was a auto in that pond.

Police said that the individual contacted a current Palm Beach resident, who in turn used a drone to survey the pond behind his home.

Remains Of Man Missing For 20 Years 'Found On Google Earth'

The Saturn and the skeletal remains were towed to the Palm Beach County medical examiner's office for processing.

What appears to be a silver auto submerged in the pond can still be viewed on Google Maps.

Days later, the remains tested positively as having belonged to Moldt.

Mr Moldt, a quiet man who did not socialise much, did not appear intoxicated and left alone in his vehicle, it added.

"You can't determine what happened that many years ago, what transpired", police spokeswoman Barbera said.

He's believed to have had several drinks before leaving alone on November 7, 1997.

Despite Mr Moldt only being found last month, the satellite image which lead to his discovery has been online since 2007.

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