Google Photos adds a 'stories'-like private archive called Memories

Google Photos adds a 'stories'-like private archive called Memories

Google Photos adds a 'stories'-like private archive called Memories

After launching the ability to create physical photo books in 2017, the company is now adding the option to order canvas prints of your pictures.

Google announced a couple of updates to Google Photos today, including an intriguing new partnership with Walmart and CVS that will allow users to order and pick up 4×6 prints of their photos from over 11,000 US locations. Now, the memories will show at the top of the screen above your recent photos as small circles.

A new feature is rolling out in the app starting today called "Memories", which essentially tweaks an existing feature that regularly treats users to a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Although it looks similar to Instagram or Snapchat's public stories, Google says its Memories will only be viewable by you. Frequent users of the app will be familiar with the "rediscover this day" feature, which routinely resurfaced old photos you took on a certain day within the app's "Assistant" tab.

The first thing Google stresses is that while this feature resembles stories that you'll see on social media sites, these images are your personal media, presented privately.

The photos are curated using machine learning to discover photos that are probably meaningful and are of good quality. The Memories, which look and function a lot like what you'd find on Instagram or Snapchat, highlight photos taken during the same period a year, two years, three years or longer in the past for quick and easy viewing. If you can't remember exactly the date or occasion, you can even search for text in the photo. This works with a single individual or groups, and you'll be able to pull in images straight from the new Memories feature into these conversations.

"Google Photos isn't just resting on its laurels today by making 4x6" prints available within the same day at your local pharmacy or big box store - the cloud storage service is amping up its own boutique print offerings and using artificial intelligence to help you stroll through the tons of memories you've backed up.

The new features (except direct messaging) are available today on iOS and Android.

For canvases, you can choose sizes of 8×8, 11×14, and 16×2. There's no word on when the new sharing interface will roll out outside of "the coming months".

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