Impact of Hurricane Dorian here at home

Impact of Hurricane Dorian here at home

Impact of Hurricane Dorian here at home

Authorities ordered more than a million people evacuated in Florida, South Carolina and Georgia. However, a track under 80 km from the Florida coast will still mean significant impacts to the state, and some potential for a landfall for the Carolinas by later this week.

Though water levels are expected to slowly subside on Grand Abaco, people in Grand Bahama will be grappling with storm surge as much as 7 metres above normal, as well as those extreme winds and extreme rainfall of hundreds of millimetres that will make flash flooding even more likely.

Dorian was blamed for one death in Puerto Rico at the start of its path through the Caribbean.

On Sunday night, South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster issued on Sunday night a mandatory evacuation for residents of the SC coastline.

The wobble the monster storm took on Saturday, nudging it in a slightly different direction, seems to have convinced a lot of weather- tired Floridians they are in the clear.

Growing up in the Bahamas, this wasn't the first hurricane he has seen, but he said Dorian seems to be the worst.

Even if the storm's center does not hit the coasts directly, it is predicted to come close enough to cause life-threatening storm surges and catastrophic winds.

"We are in a situation where this thing is perilously close to the state". That proximity would bring tropical-storm-force winds to the broad stroke of the area and potentially hurricane-force gusts along the coast for St. Johns and Flagler counties.

As Labor Day weekend drew to a close, hundreds of thousands of people in Florida, Georgia and SC - more than 800,000 in SC alone, and a half-million in Georgia - were warned to evacuate for fear Dorian could bring life-threatening storm-surge flooding even if the hurricane's centre stayed offshore, as forecast.

"I was all set to stay home until they had to turn the water off", said Watson, who added she was not anxious for her personal safety but hoped the storm spared the retirement community.

"A few miles can make a big difference in wind speeds".

"This storm at this magnitude could really cause massive destruction". We'd have to rebuild part of our system. Concrete poles would be snapped in these kinds of winds.

Ronald Harris (76), a native Floridian - who had predicted on Saturday the storm would miss the state - said on Sunday: "I got up this morning and looked at the radar and briefings and said 'Oh no!'"

"It's going to miss us", said Sherita Davis (48). "But we'll get all the outer bands". The usual Florida. The winds.

Universal Orlando Resort said in an update Monday night that its two theme parks, Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure, would open on schedule Tuesday.

Bahamian officials said they received a "tremendous" number of calls from people in flooded homes.

"It is scary", he said, adding that people were moving from one shelter to another as floodwaters kept surging. "We've never had a Category 5 stall for so long in the Atlantic hurricane record". "We're fortunate to have electricity still at this hotel where we're at".

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