Major defeat for British PM as lawmakers seize Brexit agenda



Johnson retaliated by ejecting 21 Conservative Party members who'd voted against him from the party, and one party member made a show of crossing the aisle to the opposing side in the middle of Johnson's speech.

On a day of humiliating setbacks, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson suffered a major defeat in Parliament on Tuesday night as rebellious lawmakers voted to seize control of the Brexit agenda, prompting the embattled prime minister to say he would call for a new general election.

The vote comes hours after a Scottish court ruled that Johnson's planned suspension of Parliament - which would give lawmakers little time to prevent Britain from leaving the European bloc without a deal on October 31 - is legal.

'We'd priced in so much of a hard Brexit with Boris Johnson coming in, that I think there's real opportunity for some sterling appreciation'.

Even if they can force Johnson to seek a delay to that deadline, any extension would have to be approved by each of the other 27 European Union nations.

The EU has refused to renegotiate the Withdrawal Agreement reached with Johnson's predecessor Theresa May last November, and there were reports in British newspapers that Johnson's top adviser, Dominic Cummings, had described negotiations as a sham.

Labour's Shadow Brexit Secretary has insisted that his party will not back Boris Johnson's call for an election because it's a trap.

It is the first of several challenges to Johnson's maneuver that gives lawmakers little time to prevent Britain from crashing out of the European Union without an agreement on October 31.

Aiden O'Neill QC, representing the cross-party parliamentarians, said: "One presumes this was a document sent in the red box to the Prime Minister to be read at his leisure".

Johnson said he did not want a no-deal Brexit - which investors warn would roil financial markets and send shockwaves through the European economy - but it was necessary to put it on the table so that Britain could negotiate the result it wanted.

In his questioning, Corbyn repeatedly sought details of what, if any, new proposals Johnson and his team had presented to Brussels to seek a revised Brexit deal, particularly over a replacement for the backstop insurance policy for the Irish border.

Time to block a "no-deal" departure is running short.

Mr Johnson said Parliament is "on the brink of wrecking any deal" with Brussels after voting to give the cross-party alliance control of the Commons.

The case was only the first of several challenges to Johnson's maneuver, however.

That brings us to Tuesday. "We will get an agreement". "But the lingering doubt they've got is: Will the shenanigans in Parliament somehow lead to the cancellation or the delay of Brexit?" "What do we want?"

The set to leave the bloc at the end of October after two extensions granted by the EU.

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