New leak on the Huawei Watch GT 2 first look

Huawei's next smartwatch has leaked and it doesn't run Wear OS

This might be Huawei's next smartwatch

A recent leak suggests Huawei is about to launch a new version of the Watch GT, and that it'll feature a subtle design tweak over the original model. Huawei was once a popular Android Wear, now Wear OS, smartwatch maker until suddenly it wasn't anymore.

First reported by, the Huawei Watch GT 2 is codenamed "Latona" and has the model number LTN-B19. Compared with the predecessor, the Watch GT 2 actually looks thinner so that's nice. The images above show the watch in a sport and a classic version with both versions having a classic watch appearance. Furthermore, it also used a custom processor to make a flawless pair.

Hopefully the Watch GT 2 arrives Downunder this time in an official capacity as the first incarnation was a great expereince that deserved much more exposure than it received. Admittedly, it's just a small jump from the first gen's 420 mAh but, for a wearable device, every small bit counts. That may have been possible because of shrinking the bezels but it could also simply be a touch-up of the images. New additions are a speaker and a microphone, hinting at an on-board AI Assistant and or the ability to make calls.

Huawei's next smartwatch has leaked and it doesn't run Wear OS

Huawei's survival might depend on showing how it can continue making devices without major U.S. technologies, including Google's Play Services. Just like the existing Huawei Watch GT lineup, there will be multiple editions of Huawei Watch GT 2.

Looking at the render images, the Watch GT 2 looks more or less the same as the predecessor retaining its traditional watch look with the leather-like and sporty strap attached to the aluminium casing.

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