Nintendo's 'Ring Fit Adventure' turns exercise into an adventure game

Adventure mode is designed as a natural way to keep players motivated to play and get exercise regularly as they progress through the game world and defeat enemies. It's pretty straightforward: by sliding Joy-Con controllers into the Ring-Con and leg strap, the game can track your movements and actions and translate them into the Ring Fit Adventure game. Ring Fit Adventure is an exercise game that plays like an RPG adventure, complete with roaming through environments and jumping into turn-based battles against fantastical foes.

In the video you see embedded above, Nintendo says that Ring Fit Adventure is aimed at people of all fitness levels, as the exercise level can be adjusted and a visual guide will show players the proper form for each exercise.

Well, we finally know what that weird Nintendo video with the ring-shaped Joy-Con accessory was all about. The Ring-Con is a flexible electronic device that provides resistance, and features a sensor that detects exertion and reacts to changes. Ring Fit Adventure can be tailored to the player's level of skill, so even if players don't have experience with fitness, they can adjust the exercise intensity to suit their ability. This will let them continue every day at an activity level that's comfortable for them.

Engage those abs to block attacks in Ring Fit Adventure.

Throughout the adventure, enemies will appear, ready for battle. On your turn, you pick from a variety of Fit Skills to determine what kind of attacks you use.

Throughout the years, various companies have made attempts at turning exercise into games, with one of the most notable examples being Nintendo's Wii Fit. The Simple mode allows you do quick exercises targeting specific muscle groups, but for something a little more in-depth, there's also a Minigame mode.

In addition to the the standard adventure mode, there are a number of quick play modes as well.

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