NYC Prosecutors Subpoena Trump Tax Returns

President Donald Trump's accounting firm Mazars USA confirmed it received the subpoena

President Donald Trump's accounting firm Mazars USA confirmed it received the subpoena

The New York Cases reported Monday afternoon that the subpoena "opens a brand unusual front in a wide-ranging effort to fabricate copies of the president's tax returns".

The prosecutors are specifically interested in payments made by Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen to porn actress Stormy Daniels after she claimed she had an affair with Trump.

Federal prosecutors in NY and Washington spent months probing payments made during the 2016 presidential campaign to two women who said they had affairs with Trump, including Daniels and model Karen McDougal.

Trump and three of his children filed a lawsuit in April seeking to block two House committees from getting records that his longtime lender, Deutsche Bank, has said includes tax returns. The company added: "We believe strongly in the ethical and professional rules and regulations that govern our industry, our work and our client interactions".

The subpoenaed tax returns include Trump's personal returns as well as those of his company, the Trump Organization.

The subpoena was first reported by The New York Times.

A federal judge also temporarily blocked NY state from turning over Trump's state tax returns to US lawmakers as District Judge Carl Nichols weighed a jurisdiction issue on the lawsuit last month.

The president has fought back to keep his finances under wraps, challenging the subpoenas in federal court.

The Trump Organization also reimbursed Cohen for money he paid to Daniels.

In July, Trump sued to block the application of a new state law in NY that could allow a third House committee to obtain his state tax returns.

Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow and Marc Mukasey, a lawyer for the Trump Group, each declined to remark, the Instances stated. Cohen pleaded responsible to breaking federal advertising and marketing campaign finance rules.

It isn't clear what deadline Mazars USA has to comply with the grand jury subpoena. Falsifying business records can be a crime in NY and can be a felony if used to cover up other crimes.

While the federal prosecutors who charged Cohen stated in a court filing in July that they had "effectively concluded" their inquiry into possible crimes committed by the company or its executives, Vance's office is exploring whether the reimbursements violated any NY state laws.

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