Perth Look Up Tonight To Witness The Micro Moon

Dennis Doucet sat outside in near-freezing temperatures to get these

Dennis Doucet sat outside in near-freezing temperatures to get these

Most of the US will see the moon shortly before midnight, and you may want to go outside and capture it because the next one won't be seen until 2049.

We haven't seen a Harvest Moon occur on Friday the 13th since October of 2000, and it'll be awhile before it happens again.

He told the Express: "To add to this Full Moon 'madness", this upcoming Full Moon very almost coincides with apogee - that point in its orbit which places it at its greatest distance from the Earth: 252,100 miles away.

The chances of a full moon on this date is pretty rare. The moon will be at its farthest point of orbit around the sun, and it will look about 7% smaller and 15% dimmer than usual.

A full moon closest to the autumnal equinox, which signifies the end of summer and start of fall, is the Harvest Moon.

Tonight's moon is also a "micromoon" which is, according to the Old Farmer's Almanac, exactly the opposite of a "supermoon".

The Harvest Moon itself isn't really that uncommon - it happens every year and is only the name given to the full moon happening during this time. We won's see another one until August 2049.

The annual Harvest Moon, so named in the Old Farmer's Almanac is closest to the autumnal equinox, which takes place on September 23.

The title of "Harvest Moon" was given to it as a result of it occurred through the time of yr when corn was harvested and introduced in. Full moon, dark skies, mythically-spooky day.

Though it's not clear if the title originated in North America or Europe, it alerts the beginning of a brand new season - the onset of autumn.

So the equation: Friday the 13th, plus a Full Harvest Moon, minus 15% brightness.

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