Rocket Explodes at US Embassy in Afghanistan on 9/11 Anniversary

Afghan Taliban Sends Delegation Russia After Talks With US Collapse

Rocket Explodes at US Embassy in Afghanistan on 9/11 Anniversary

However, on Monday Trump labelled the talks "dead" and cancelled the covert Sunday meeting, citing the death of a usa serviceman killed by a Taliban auto bomb at a Kabul NATO checkpoint on Thursday. Trump was to meet Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and senior Taliban leaders on Sunday at his Camp David retreat.

Following a string of bombings in Kabul and elsewhere in Afghanistan over the last week, US President Donald Trump called off negotiations with the Taliban that had been ongoing for over a year, insisting the talks were "dead".

The permanent representative also appeared to back Trump's claim that the objective of the attack earlier this month was to prepare a better negotiating position. Warning terrorist groups of any such misadventure in future, Trump said, "And I'm not even talking about nuclear power".

Fighting has picked up in several areas of northern Afghanistan, officials said on Wednesday, days after the collapse of talks between the US and the Taliban aimed at agreeing the withdrawal of thousands of USA troops. A Pentagon report to Congress in July touted efforts to synchronize and increase USA and Afghan operations to "put heavy pressure on the Taliban" and "provide strong incentives for them to engage in meaningful negotiations". "No enemy on earth can match the overwhelming strength, skill, and might of the American armed forces".

"If Trump wants to stop talks, we will take the first way and they will soon regret it".

The announcement angered some, coming so close to the 11 September 2001 anniversary.

They held poignant moments of silence at 8:46 am and 9:03 am, the precise times that the jets struck the North and South Towers. Some held up placards with images of their loved ones who were killed.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Mayor Bill de Blasio, and his predecessors Michael Bloomberg and Rudy Giuliani were among those who attended.

Al-Qaeda hijacked four planes.

More have died since from illnesses related to the destruction.

"We had two ways to end the occupation in Afghanistan". The US now has about 14,000 troops in the country. During his speech, he also explained why he cancelled his peace talks with the Taliban.

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