Second U.S. death linked to vaping, officials say

Second U.S. death linked to vaping, officials say

Second U.S. death linked to vaping, officials say

OR health officials on Tuesday, Sept. 3 announced a death from severe respiratory illness that could be linked to vaping.

In August, the Illinois Department of Public Health announced the first such death amid a growing number of similar lung illnesses across the country.

Health officials still don't know exactly what is causing the outbreak, but vaping appears to be a common link among affected patients.

"Before the new illness reports, OHA was already concerned about the health risks of vaping products", officials said.

Numerous patients reported that they had used e-cigarette products with liquids that contain cannabinoid ingredients, such as THC.

The Ohio Department of Health is investigating six suspected cases in Ohio, and SCPH is investigating one in Summit County, according to Cory Kendrick, SCPH policy and legislative affairs manager.

They say many people in OH have gotten sick from a respiratory disease associated with vaping.

The CDC, FDA, and state health departments say they're working together figure out which products might have been used and facilitate laboratory testing.

State health officials in Oregon have now linked the death of man in July to a severe respiratory illness believed to be caused by an e-cigarette, according to a statement from the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) released on Tuesday.

On Thursday, top health officials in the Trump administration reiterated warnings against marijuana use by adolescents and pregnant women, emphasizing the increasing potency of the drug. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the psychoactive substance in cannabis. There is not a specific substance or e-cigarette product that has been identified to be linked to these lung disease cases, and available evidence does not now suggest an infectious disease caused the illnesses, the news release said.

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