Sheryl Crow Clarifies Her Comment About Taylor Swift's Masters

Sheryl Crow and Taylor Swift

Sheryl Crow Clarifies Her Comment About Taylor Swift's Masters

The music legend stopped by Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday where she was asked by a caller about recently signing with Big Machine Records - the label that, as Swifties will know, sold the rights to Tay's masters via Scooter Braun without apparently giving the songstress a chance to purchase them herself.

When Sheryl appeared on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen this week, the musician gave her opinion on the controversy, stating that Scooter Braun's purchase of Big Machine Records, Taylor's old record label, was just a part of the business. "I signed with a file label 30 yrs back and in five many years it turned owned by Interscope and then Interscope acquired bought by Common and so these things...that's just the way the enterprise goes".

"That's totally not unusual for your masters to change hands like 9,000 times".

In a recent interview, Swift made it clear she did not know the label boss would sell her music to Scooter, "I knew [Borchetta] would sell my music. I don't really know".

The Soak Up the Sun singer confessed she doesn't understand "what the big stink was" about Taylor not owning her masters because "that's just the way the business goes"!

Following the controversy, Taylor said she would re-record her first six albums.

"I'm gonna be honest with you", Crow, 53, said.

In a Tumblr post at the time, Swift accused the manager of "manipulative bullying" over the years, and the weeks following became a game of he-said, she-said between the singer, Braun, 38, and Big Machine co-owner Scott Borchetta, who first signed the superstar when she was a teen.

"I don't really care about owning my masters or not".

"Some enjoyable details about today's news: I discovered about Scooter Braun's order of my masters as it was introduced to the world", she ongoing. "So I can see how it would matter to her".

Earlier this summertime, had acquired the Huge Machine Label team and, with it, Swift's music, a notion that built her "sad and grossed out". This comes after Taylor released her seventh studio record, Lover, on Republic Records.

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