Terrence Howard To Give Up Acting After "Empire" Ends

Terrence Howard Talks Retirement

Terrence Howard To Give Up Acting After "Empire" Ends

Empire's final season is now in production, and while on set, the show's leading man, Terrence Howard, made a surprising announcement about his career that is sure to disappoint his fans.

In an interview with Extra, Howard appeared to announce that he's retiring from acting. "I'm finished pretending", Howard informed Kryst in response to a query about his subsequent strikes post-"Empire".

It sounds like Terrence Howard is giving up acting.

Fox will air the sixth and closing season of "Empire" on September 24. When asked if he would move into philanthropic work, Howard said, "No, not philanthropy".

When requested whether or not he would as an alternative give attention to philanthropic efforts, he replied, "No, not philanthropy; I'm simply specializing in bringing reality to the world".

The 50-year-old actor has claimed he is planning to turn his back on his profession and focus on "truth" when the sixth and final season of "Empire" - on which he plays music mogul Lucious Lyon - comes to an end.

"I love the cast members", he said. But he did mention that he will miss his "Empire" castmates very much, including embattled actor Jussie Smollett. "I will miss them a great deal, and the crew".

The Blast obtained court documents that state the U.S. Attorney's Office is probing into possible financial crimes involving Howard, his third wife Mira Pak and Universal Bridges Inc. which is owned by Pak.

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