Tesla's Model 3 interior (even the steering wheel) is now 100% leather

Tesla EV exemption vehicle purchase tax China automotive news Tesla Gigafactory 3

Vegans rejoice as Tesla’s Model 3 interior goes fully leather-free

Originally, Musk had claimed that Tesla would be in a position to offer the vast amounts of discount insurance of the cars because there is a lot of data which is produced by each one and is accessible to the company Tesla. Base prices for Model S sedans and Model X sport utility vehicles increased by a similar percentage, to 793,900 yuan and 809,900 yuan, respectively. President Donald Trump ordered US firms last month to immediately begin looking for alternatives to China, only to later suggest that tensions were cooling.

A Tesla spokesperson in China declined to elaborate on the price change, referring to information available on the company's website.

Including Tesla's models, there are a total of 399 NEV models exempted from the vehicle purchase tax, according to the latest catalogue.

The 'agency's first overseas manufacturing unit is due to start manufacturing by the end of the year, and Tesla has stated it ought to be able to build 3,000 Model 3 autos a week in its initial phases.

Tesla has won an exemption from a 10% Chinese tax on automotive sales, sidestepping trade tensions with the USA following CEO Elon Musk's visit to the country, Caixin Global reported.

Tesla EV exemption vehicle purchase tax China automotive news Tesla Gigafactory 3

Serving to elevate his profile in China, Musk is at present visiting the country and held a dialogue with 'Alibaba's Jack Ma at an AI industry event, though they avoided controversial points just like the U.S.

That gives extra reason for Musk, who during his China trip praised the nation's lead in global electric-car production, to begin manufacturing in the country soon while staying in the good graces of the Chinese government.

A decline in the yuan reduces the value of any earnings that Tesla brings back from China and converts to dollars. "It's very impressive", he said.

Earlier this week, the Chinese currency fell to an 11-year low against the dollar.

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